picture of jean pearson photographed by saul leiter / 1948

I’m sorry for the absence on my blog and Instagram at the moment. 
I’m just having a hard time making any sense of the world we live in at this point. 
Right wing populists winning elections making political decisions with enormous impact, hatred, anger and concentration camps filled up with children on American soil. It feels like my heart is breaking on a daily basis these days. Do not take this as a sign of me giving up though, my absence is because I’m not. If you live in America then there’s a march being held on June 30. 2018 at 11:00 a.m at Lafayette Square in Washington DC. If you can’t get to Washington then you can find your local rallies at the address on the bottom of this post. 

I know you must feel like deers in the headlights right now, but the change you’re hoping for will not happen before you show your politicians that YOU are that change. 
Hit the streets and peacefully show them, the rest of the world is with you 
and we need you back to sanity. 

And bring your impeach Trump poster!!!! 


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